On the value of vector production and animation

  Here’s a ChatPGP story about the value of vector production and animation. It’s not flawless but will do for the moment, i’d like to emphasize that doodling on your phone, having enough graphics power to do that and being able to post-edit on a heavier computer afterwards is a […]

Raspberry Pi 4 Argon case

My First ChatGPT generated article

Oooh that_was_fast! Let ChatGPT introduce me: As a young developer, I was first introduced to computers through my parents’ old Sinclair ZX81. It was a simple machine with only 1KB of RAM, but I was fascinated by the ability to create my own programs and games using its basic BASIC […]

haimonie gustavshark mntsharkmore ©2022 Melanie Gywer

Melanie Gywer

Ever since i joined Mastodon.ART my TL there has been lit up by Melanie Gywer, a true Hainess in resharking the interwebs. She asks the Eternal Question: “does Humor belong in Art?”. I think it does. Not with “Her Hainess”, nearly pissed me pants and bow to all great cartoonists […]

Krita Painting App

Bought Krita Painting App

  Bought a free open source vector- and bitmap painting- and animation app, got controller operation in return. I’d like to emphasize VECTOR drawing- and animation is quite a big deal on graphical limited devices as one gets to doodle on phone or tablet and post-edit on heavier machines. I […]


Jean Walter

WaltJan9’s work has always lit up twitter TL, it’s both dark and of a constant artistic quality. What if dada fairytailes existed and got hooked up with a phenomenal concept artist?


Wil Hughes

Artstation.com/wilhughes   What i absolutely love about fan- and streetart is that it provides the freedom to take Art to beyond-next levels. Wil Hughes understood this and did just that, his artstation-account is a wonderful collection of horror interpretation of cartoon icons – with vastly superior 3D-modelling technique.


The Infinite Conversation

  Brilliant! I don’t know if this is Art or Tech, i do know it’s the end of philosophy. An AI Generated, Never-Ending Discussion Between Werner Herzog and Slavoj Žižek infiniteconversation.com via openculture.com .