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Contact/work: Agusis010

Guus is a fantasy portrait painter, concept Artist, 3D modeller and graphic designer. Three quarters of his work is wild, expressive, erotic, manga, cyberpunk. His characters and portrait paintings often look like tribal people lost somewhere in the 24th century, hightech sophistication with native savagery, white tattoos on black skin. Lots of masks, impossible hairdos, a strange sf-goth world with beautiful naked women and dramatically clueless robots.

As a counterpoint there’s his concept Art which is almost totally opposite: calm, cool, collected spaceships drifting in white space, designed in 3D, beautifully textured, they sometimes seem hand-drawn.

He also is on_point with news about manga, animation, game development scenes. The concept Art world is vast and ever changing, i got to learn a lot about its inhabitants since i got to know Agusis. I should not compare him to Bill Sienkiewicz but i’m going to do it anyway, same energy, speed, relentless production drive and absolutely breathtaking use of colors.

Here’s the beautiful Art of Agusis!

P.S> Wouldn’t you love to get send this kind of stuff!?

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