Art – Graphics – Animation

Melanie Gywer

Ever since i joined Mastodon.ART my TL there has been lit up by Melanie Gywer, a true Hainess in resharking the interwebs. She asks the Eternal Question: “does Humor belong in Art?”. I think it does. Not with “Her Hainess”, nearly pissed me pants and bow to all great cartoonists out there who make life bareable with their unrelenting wits!

©2022 Melanie Gywer

piethaidrian ©2022 Melanie Gywer

mntsharkmore ©2022 Melanie Gywer

gustavshark mntsharkmore ©2022 Melanie Gywer

haimonie gustavshark mntsharkmore ©2022 Melanie Gywer

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