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Sophie Kaars Sijpesteijn

This is the website of an Artist friend of mine, Sophie Kaars Sijpesteijn. She’s a professional animator, draws very fast, is proficient in Blender3D and generally a very witty, lovely and fashionable woman. That fast drawing is visible in every one of her animations, it’s energetic, vibrant and ever in motion, looking for new techniques, developing. Her animations are handbased drawings though she assured me she does vector animating, too.

But always with a ‘je sais *exactly* quoi’, she knows what she wants, where she’s headed, what her narrative’s going to be. Her sense of humor is only matched by her knowledge of animating programs, of storyboarding, modelling, rigging, lighting. She has got this weird admiration for Peter Lorre which gets obsessive sometimes but her infatuation with ’20-’40ties movies makes up for all that. Her knowledge of this era movies and movie music is extensive, almost encyclopedic.

I admire her with all my devving guts and hope she’ll go far and stretch her wings internationally, Netherlands is much too small for her in so many ways.

And now, without further due, here’s the website of:

Sophie Kaars Sijpesteijn!

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