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I'm Henri Verymetaldev. Linux miniPC's and Open Source Graphics programs.


With Diablo IV on Fedora workstation. With Gnome. Forget everything i wrote earlier, buy an AMD PC with AMD Radeon graphics card as its drivers are compiled into the Linux kernel by default, have Steam and Proton take care of the nasty graphics / gaming bits. Reason why everything suddenly […]

Sekiro shadows die twice

Linux Gamer

  “Now i have become Linux Gamer, the destroyer of imposter syndrome” Didit, set up encrypted Manjaro KDE Plasma with Steam with a lot of Windows games that just_work. Especially nice touch was the automated installation of graphics drivers with KDE Hardware configuration. It’s all X Server though, Wayland doesn’t […]


Bellingcat Media Education Package

  “Our media literacy resources have been carefully designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of media literacy, providing practical tools to integrate the subject into your teaching and empowering your students to distinguish fake news from reliable information. The resources are designed to be used in the classroom straightaway, […]

The Register NightShade


  Here’s an interesting article and notion by the Register. On the downside, AI lawyers will go: “should’ve protected yourself, it’s possible.” Damn right it is, that’s why i put ChatGPT in the robots blocklist of this site. I never pretended anything i did regarding computer graphics was Art but […]


Raspberry Pi 5 purchase and KDE Plasma setup

  It’s actually very simple and straightforward: buy the board, Argon NEO-5 case and power adapter at, they’ve got excellent support and it’s not presale (for Dutch users). The old Raspberry Pi power adapters won’t work so make sure to buy the entire package. You need a fast 32/64 […]