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I'm Henri Verymetaldev. Linux miniPC's and Open Source Graphics programs.
Raspberry Pi 4 Argon case

My First ChatGPT generated article

Oooh that_was_fast! Let ChatGPT introduce me: As a young developer, I was first introduced to computers through my parents’ old Sinclair ZX81. It was a simple machine with only 1KB of RAM, but I was fascinated by the ability to create my own programs and games using its basic BASIC […]

haimonie gustavshark mntsharkmore ©2022 Melanie Gywer

Melanie Gywer

Ever since i joined Mastodon.ART my TL there has been lit up by Melanie Gywer, a true Hainess in resharking the interwebs. She asks the Eternal Question: “does Humor belong in Art?”. I think it does. Not with “Her Hainess”, nearly pissed me pants and bow to all great cartoonists […]

Krita Painting App

Bought Krita Painting App

  Bought a free open source vector- and bitmap painting- and animation app, got controller operation in return. I’d like to emphasize VECTOR drawing- and animation is quite a big deal on graphical limited devices as one gets to doodle on phone or tablet and post-edit on heavier machines. I […]


Jean Walter

WaltJan9’s work has always lit up twitter TL, it’s both dark and of a constant artistic quality. What if dada fairytailes existed and got hooked up with a phenomenal concept artist?


Wil Hughes   What i absolutely love about fan- and streetart is that it provides the freedom to take Art to beyond-next levels. Wil Hughes understood this and did just that, his artstation-account is a wonderful collection of horror interpretation of cartoon icons – with vastly superior 3D-modelling technique.


The Infinite Conversation

  Brilliant! I don’t know if this is Art or Tech, i do know it’s the end of philosophy. An AI Generated, Never-Ending Discussion Between Werner Herzog and Slavoj Žižek via .