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With Diablo IV on Fedora workstation. With Gnome. Forget everything i wrote earlier, buy an AMD PC with AMD Radeon graphics card as its drivers are compiled into the Linux kernel by default, have Steam and Proton take care of the nasty graphics / gaming bits. Reason why everything suddenly […]



Bought and installed both desktop- and webfont Nexa Rust™ Sans Slab 3 ChatGPT: not entirely too enthousiastic about the prospect of hallucinating crawlers and what they could do to my online existence. Blocked the OpenAI-bot in my robots.txt, threw in the twitter and facebook ones just for kicks. Oh nnnooohhh […]


Little bit of maintainance

  Ssso i did a bit of maintainance, made a new logo and header that fit the name of this site better. And some CSS-hacking to localize the webfonts, i don’t use Google Analytics anymore so that third-party connection is also severed. Going to disable the five slices rating system […]