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Raspberry Pi 4 Argon case

My First ChatGPT generated article

Oooh that_was_fast! Let ChatGPT introduce me: As a young developer, I was first introduced to computers through my parents’ old Sinclair ZX81. It was a simple machine with only 1KB of RAM, but I was fascinated by the ability to create my own programs and games using its basic BASIC […]

Krita Painting App

Bought Krita Painting App

  Bought a free open source vector- and bitmap painting- and animation app, got controller operation in return. I’d like to emphasize VECTOR drawing- and animation is quite a big deal on graphical limited devices as one gets to doodle on phone or tablet and post-edit on heavier machines. I […]


The Infinite Conversation

  Brilliant! I don’t know if this is Art or Tech, i do know it’s the end of philosophy. An AI Generated, Never-Ending Discussion Between Werner Herzog and Slavoj Žižek via .  



  Contact/work: Agusis010 Guus is a fantasy portrait painter, concept Artist, 3D modeller and graphic designer. Three quarters of his work is wild, expressive, erotic, manga, cyberpunk. His characters and portrait paintings often look like tribal people lost somewhere in the 24th century, hightech sophistication with native savagery, white tattoos […]

Sophie Kaars Sijpesteijn This is the website of an Artist friend of mine, Sophie Kaars Sijpesteijn. She’s a professional animator, draws very fast, is proficient in Blender3D and generally a very witty, lovely and fashionable woman. That fast drawing is visible in every one of her animations, it’s energetic, vibrant and […]



  Coming up, next weekend in Köln: the Evoke Party for a bit of oldskool non-fuggable technofun! Of course i’m going to be there online, will try to cover the wildest gigs. “The Cologne Summer experience, enjoyed by many for more than 20 years, is finally back for another edition! […]


Buy, build and configure your Odroid C4

  Good news everyone, i remain addicted to building my own desktop publishing tools and so can you be! It’s actually quite simple: head on over to and buy one, preferably with a Metal case choose the right power supply for your country gently place the board aligned with […]