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My New Webfont
Bought and installed both desktop- and webfont Nexa Rust™ Sans Slab 3

ChatGPT: not entirely too enthousiastic about the prospect of hallucinating crawlers and what they could do to my online existence. Blocked the OpenAI-bot in my robots.txt, threw in the twitter and facebook ones just for kicks. Oh nnnooohhh i’ll die all alone and forgotten! Nah, it’s just that this is the x-th iteration of some digital lifesaving technology and i have become a skeptic, if ghumans can’t behave when not supervised it’s all going to bits.

Besides i like my quirkyness in writing, wouldn’t want that to go to waste. I will use ChatGPT to correct my English text grammatically as i’m not a native speaker, i will use it to tame WordPress and factcheck tech articles but not to do the writing itself. Also kind of looking forward to writing a tech manual and go at the ChatGPT prompt: “ChatGPT, rewrite this in Hunter S. Thompson-style, add bats, flyswatters, lawyers and convertibles”.


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