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“Now i have become Linux Gamer, the destroyer of imposter syndrome”

Didit, set up encrypted Manjaro KDE Plasma with Steam with a lot of Windows games that just_work. Especially nice touch was the automated installation of graphics drivers with KDE Hardware configuration. It’s all X Server though, Wayland doesn’t work *yet*.


And *finally* using the Vulcan shader capabilities of my graphics card. Which is the wrong card obviously, it’s an Nvidia instead of AMD, latter works better with Linux. Cheers to the people at Steam and Proton for making this possible, for years i have been laughed at just for trying to game on Linux (“yeah gramps, stick to your DOOM!”) but it’s finally worked out.

Sekiro shadows die twice

Ssso next upgrade-round going to buy AMD graphics card and a memory upgrade. Biggest provlems i’m encountering are scaling provlems, the 3D-part works fantastic with Vulcan shaders but the 2D-scaling is still open source (will report back on that if/when fixed).

*Update* thanks to this wonderful tutorial i got Wayland rolling without hosing my system:

*Update* reverted back to X-Server because Wayland spawns a seperate GL-renderer of the glitchy kind.

Also got to play some surprising new games (Grim Dawn Screenshot):

Grim Dawn

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