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On the value of vector production and animation



Here’s a ChatPGP story about the value of vector production and animation. It’s not flawless but will do for the moment, i’d like to emphasize that doodling on your phone, having enough graphics power to do that and being able to post-edit on a heavier computer afterwards is a major production enhancement.


Vector graphics are a type of digital image that are made up of mathematical formulas, rather than pixels. This means that they can be scaled to any size without losing quality, making them very useful for creating graphics that will be used at different sizes, such as logos or icons.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language that is used to describe the look and formatting of a document written in HTML. CSS can be used to control the layout and appearance of web pages, and it can also be used to create animations.

Krita is a free and open-source digital painting and illustration software that is popular among artists and designers. It has a number of features that make it well-suited for creating digital art, including support for vector graphics, a wide range of brushes and tools, and the ability to customize the user interface.

Scalability refers to the ability of a system or process to handle an increasing workload or larger number of users without experiencing a decrease in performance. In the context of digital art software, scalability might refer to the ability of the software to handle large or complex images without slowing down or crashing.

Doodling on a phone refers to the practice of creating digital art or drawings on a smartphone or tablet. Many people enjoy doodling on their phones as a way to pass the time or to create art on the go.

Post-editing is the process of making changes or adjustments to a piece of digital art or other type of content after it has been created. This might involve using software to fix mistakes or make changes to the overall appearance of the image. Working on a heavier machine, such as a desktop computer with a more powerful processor and graphics card, can make post-editing tasks easier and faster, as the machine will be able to handle more complex edits and processing tasks.

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