Art – Graphics – Animation


With Diablo IV on Fedora workstation. With Gnome. Forget everything i wrote earlier, buy an AMD PC with AMD Radeon graphics card as its drivers are compiled into the Linux kernel by default, have Steam and Proton take care of the nasty graphics / gaming bits. Reason why everything suddenly works flawlessly: don’t touch anything, keep it to the Defaults, trust ur fellow Geeks (a bit).

Going to get a Redhat workstation subscription just to legitimize my Open Source aspirations and get on with Android Studio. Will use some AI to get a semblence of workflow and work/life balance and try some AI video and graphics generation while emphasis stays on Blender, Krita, Inkscape, OBS, KDenLive, Godot.

Mood: freaking gloomy as i just payed heaps for this website for which i should be posting a lot more, the prospect of World War III is evidently crushing the significance of any tech progress. Guess i’ll live a little before this whole shithouse goes up on flames, cheers, to Lilith!


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