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Raspberry Pi 5 purchase and KDE Plasma setup


It’s actually very simple and straightforward: buy the board, Argon NEO-5 case and power adapter at, they’ve got excellent support and it’s not presale (for Dutch users). The old Raspberry Pi power adapters won’t work so make sure to buy the entire package. You need a fast 32/64 Gig miniSD and miniSD USB-cardreader, if you want better performance (*also!) a fast USB-stick (put it in the blue USB 3.0 socket).

*You need the miniSD-reader to switch the default boot to USB, tool in the Raspberry Pi official imagewriter.

Assembling the case is easy: Argon NEO 5 BRED Hands On

Next up is the Raspberry Pi imager with miniSD-card in USB-reader (make sure to remove other USB media devices). If you want to use USB-boot, head on over to the tools section and write it to miniSD. Power on your Pi5 with the miniSD in the slot, power off when green screen, your Pi5 boots from USB henceforth.

Next, prepare the system miniSD or USB: choose “Raspberry Pi 5” in the “Raspberry Pi Device” tab, the first, basic option “Raspberry OS” in the “Operating System” tab and your miniSD or USB-stick in the “Storage” tab. Hit “next”. When asked, edit these extra options, you need a user account with a password and wifi connectivity to upgrade after installation. Also fill out wifi country and locale settings. Disable ssh if you’re just using it as a workstation.


Wait until it’s done downloading and writing the Raspberry Pi Debian OS image, take it out and put it in the Raspberry Pi. Power on, Raspberry Pi 5 should boot quite fast into its basic operating system.

Follow this excellent guide for installing KDE-Plasma on Debian:

Reboot, choose “Wayland” session (left bottom screen).

Happy computing!

(questions/additions/corrections welcome, mail me)

Pi5 Debian KDE Plasma Desktop

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