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Problem with AI: it’s being marketed like any new technology: first get them hooked, then sell subscriptions, it’s a lot like the early days of the internet. Adobe’s “generative fill” feature was something i had to check out and come up with an open source version. What Adobe doesn’t tell is that every graphics person out there is hooked permanently to *their* image database. New tech is tricky that way, one never can be quite sure wether one is the researcher or the (free!) ghuman guineapig.

AI’s also demotivating, lots of developer / graphics skills rendered obsolete there. Also motivating as the dull, boring parts of creating Art are automated. I’m still not sure wether that’s good for Art or not, NFT’s, viewing Art only as a sellable commodity whilst copying unique styles can’ be the way. Art is not just content, Art is Art.

But i found something swell (i think): Stablehorde, a Stable Diffusion cloud computing AI graphics engine that powers AI plugins for Blender, Krita, Gimp, Unreal and others. It allows users to share the computing power of their graphics cards to power these plugins.

Great stuff, if you’re into open source graphics you should definitely check it:

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